About Us

The Touch&Play Project is run as a disseminated network of interested researchers, teachers and practitioners whereby any individual or group is encouraged to voice their own questions or concerns and to create a safe space to have them addressed in an authentic and playful manner.

Festival Organizers

Dr. Daniel Hayes

Dr. Daniel Hayes

T&P Founder & Teacher

Daniel is the founder of the Touch&Play Project. He is also a Medical Doctor, public health scientist, eco-anarchist and practical idealist.
Ulli Wittemann

Ulli Wittemann

T&P Organizer & Teacher

Ulli is an organizer of Touch & Play Germany. He is also one of the founders and organizers of the Templehof Contact Festival and the Conscious Flow Festival and co-organized two editions of the Touch & Play festival in Europe.
Katya Dikowa

Katya Dikowa

T&P Organizer & Teacher

Katya is an organizer of Touch & Play Germany. She has co-facilitated previous T&P events in Berlin and the Queer Contact Impro festival in Hamburg. She continues to explore her journey through connections, creating different spaces, moving others and being moved.
We are happy to curate this together, and even more excited to create this container for you. We can’t wait to dance and play with you all! T&P Germany Organizers

Dany, Katya and Ulli


The Touch & Play Journey

How We Got Started

The Touch&Play Project started in 2010 as a platform to challenge the practice of Contact Improvisation (CI) as it existed at that time. A backlash from part of the CI community followed, claiming that T&P was corrupting CI and misrepresenting the form.

Our First Event

Through the first festival in Berlin teachers of CI and a range of other body-based practices were invited to explore the ‘Chemistry in Contact’  by inviting in participants’ emotions, sexuality, aggression, politics and everything else often kept out of our dances.

Since Then

The event was a success and the material reverberated around the European and N. American contact communities raising discussions on the boundaries of our practice and the perceived (un)safety of our attempts to exclude our chemistry from our dances.
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A Special Thanks To

Kulture Kosmos – T&P Germany festival host
Anna Maynard – T&P photographs
Daniel Hernandez – About Us video
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